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HigherStudyAbroad, also known as HSA is an Opensource platform based in Bangladesh. We are Bangladeshis staying abroad, all working together to inspire Bangladeshi students about higher studies & to connect expatriate academic and professional people for upliftment of our country.

Feel the Love from our Members!!

I have got tremendous help from my seniors pursuing their higher studies in different countries.So I want to return the favor that I have got to others who are wandering for the right way towards higher study!

Merina Jahan, PhD Student, University of South Carolina

It’s really great to help students who wants to complete his/her higher study in abroad. Everyone from my teacher to my friends helped me a lot and now I am fulfilling my dream. So now it’s payback time for all the helps I got.

Md. Saiful Islam, Master's Student, Wageningen University, Netherland

HigherStudyAbroad helps people to know information about higher study and from HigherStudyAbroad I got many useful information and link for my GRE preparation

Md Rakibul Mowla, Master's Student, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Extremely pleased to say that, it’s a superb subsidiary site for those students who are trying to go to abroad for the higher study. Expressly it is doughty to meet the thirst of the passionate students by providing their most effective, informative and educative suggestions relevant with higher study. I am strongly obliged to Higher Study Abroad- Bangladesh chapter!!!

Farid Zaman, Studies MS in Aquaculture at Bangladesh Agricultural University

Inspirational and Motivative..The admin or the ppl who r behind this page i want to tnx them from the core of my heart..

Goutom Dey Ram, Studies Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

This is a platform of some Dreamers who live, sleep and eat with dreams to change the Bangladesh. Best wishes for this journey …

Imrose Bin Muhit, Research Assistant (RA) of Composite Structures Lab at Chung-Ang University

Where ambitions grow, dreams nest and aspirations come true! Really!Really!! Well done HSA!

Kobir Hossain, PhD student at The University of Alabama

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