US VISA Experience May 2013


At first I express my ceaseless gratitude to almighty Allah.
I am writing here to share my own US VISA experience.

Date: 19.05.2013
Place Saimon Center

I reached at Saimon Center at 11.00 am. After waiting for about 2.00 hours in queue I get into the room.
During entry I received a white color token number 14, with that token I 1st go to the information counter, who just take 2 copy of DS-160 conformation page and 2 copy of recent photo (I took my photo in a conventional studio with only Tk 150.00 without going to so called VIP). They attached each photo to individual DS-160 conformation paper and give me a Red token number 42.

With that token I took the queue in front Cash counter and pay Tk. 13,720. Then they give me money receipt with a Blue Token number 07.

With that token I took the queue in front VIVA schedule date. The counter man took my form along with only recent passport’s biography page photocopy. He stapled the money receipt to my DS-160 conformation page and gave a date and time for my VISA viva at US Embassy with an entry token.

The whole process took about 4.00 hour including lunch break and I get out of the room at about 3.00 pm.

Date: 21.05.2013

Place: US Embassy

We (me and my dependent) reached US Embassy at about 12.30 pm as our schedule time was 1.00-1.30pm.

At the entry door the security guard asked for entry token.
We showed, they checked and then we enter the Embassy ground.

Then we pass the scanner during entering the Embassy building.

NB. We have bag and wrist watch with us and they don’t bother about this, they are just concern about cell phone and other electric devices.

Then we enter the waiting where we found 2 personnel who collect our DS-160 conformation page and passport. She then put a token number on passport and DS-160 conformation page and suggests us to wait for our token number announcement for finger print.

After the announcement we enter window 03 where the man collect our passport and DS-160 conformation page and he asked to give our finger print by pressing our finger on a device. Then we get out from the room leaving our passport and DS-160 form with him.

NB. You have to press your finger forcefully on the device and details instructions for finger print are figured on the wall of waiting room.

Then we enter the same waiting room again and waited for next announcement with our own name.

After hearing our name announcement and window number, we enter window number 04 smilingly with permission.

VO: Good evening and how are you?
We: Good evening, we are fine, how are you?
VO: Please show me your I-20
ME: Thanks, here it is.
VO: Give your spouse I-20
Spouse: Thanks, here it is
VO: Thanks, and after looking the I-20, she replied very smilingly, congratulation
VO: Have you pay your SEVIS fees?
ME: Yes here it is.
VO: Started typing on her computer using I-20 information
After a while she asked, so you have a spouse and what is your marriage day.
ME: Replied
VO: Asked my spouse the only one question, is it your first marriage?
Spouse: very smilingly, yes mam.

VO: Congratulation. Then told in Bengali. “Aponader VISA hoye gase, 27 May te ase collect korben, akjon ashlei cholbe”

We: Thank you very much.

Whole interview take about 3-4 minutes. So guys, don’t worry just keep normal, smile-face and confident.

Best of luck and Thanks to all of this group members.

[stextbox id=”grey”]Written By: Shariful Shipon[/stextbox]